Gracefully playing along unorthodox lines


The first decade of this century has make clear how globally and locally we are tied to the world, technology in communication (internet) are the reasons, we are constantly confronted with situations were, we are preoccupied with the daily life and then we are involve in a global economic crisis, that affects our surroundings, our working conditions and our life.

At the same time, every day we are witnessing interesting things, such as the successes of China’s economy or Lula da Silva’s past successful government in the large economy of South America.

Industrialization, urbanization and globalization of China have caused the world pay close attention to this country’s efforts to implement sustainable development. The economic reforms implemented by China since 1978, generated one of the most intense transformation processes in the economic history of the last three decades. China adopted a gradual approach to liberalization and openness to foreign direct investment by implementing policies that worked, regardless of whether they were inconsistent with the communist ideology, the effects are in Latin-American countries as well in African countries, developing fast due to exportations of its natural resources.

Lula da Silva in eight years as head of the eighth world economy, a leftist, former union worker, dispelled the terror that had the rich and leaved a legacy of high economic growth and a population satisfied with the benefits conquered. In his two terms, 29 million people went out of poverty and acceded  to a middle class that consumes and drives the economy, Lula made ​​an initial transfer of wealth for the society which created a huge domestic market and improved a little social differences, this middle class is already half of the 190 million people who is living in this country.

More a more we can find examples of how countries, societies and individuals are changing and adapting the way of doing things, it is clear that there is not anymore black or white, but there isn’t also grey, now everything is multicolor. Because even we live in a global society the problems are very specific and required specific answers. That is to say, we are combining global thoughts and approaches with local knowledge, in order to be successful.

If we want to give answers, if we don’t want to be colorless, we should open ourselves to the influence of the world enriching our culture by adding valuable experiences from other cultures.

Nevertheless, I still think that we should do things in live, guided by principles and values, those are not flexible, they are fixed rules, although one should admit changes to find better answers, one should be able to travel with those principles and work in the Netherlands, in Bolivia or in China.

In my view it is important some kind of flexibility in the way we think and do things. For example, a flexible combination of the role governments have and the role inhabitants have, it is well known, that if workers are also the owners of the company (cooperatives), they will take care better.

Thus questions like: how do we deal with the more and more scarcely natural resources, it is not a matter of the way capitalism does and it isn’t the way socialism does, we have to go beyond ideologies and try to act the same way society is doing, and with that I mean: combining the best economical effectiveness with the social demands people have.

I recently read an article in De Volkskrant ,a Dutch newspaper, about Brazil. In one page were several photographs of football fields compare to an official FIFA field, none of the fields could be compare with the official one, because  all of them were adapted to the context, in some cases the field was just turn to left or to the right so there was no symmetry between the two goals, sometimes one of the goals was the half of the other just because in that part of the field there was not enough space, but the players were still playing with the rules of the FIFA. As a title the article said: “Gracefully playing football along unorthodox lines”

Sometimes we have just to be creative, I firmly believe that creativity is born of necessity, that our lack of material and technical resources has made our underdeveloped countries imaginative and creative,  finding solutions outside the canons, using unorthodox lines.


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  1. Muy bien Northon, me gustan tus ideas, te apoyo, sigue adelante!!
    Gabriela Telleria M.

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