Las pendientes A

It’s been a couple of years since I use Facebook,  mainly to maintain and keep up on the family who  is scattered across the ocean .
My facebook page is restricted to family and close friends , but as it is an open network there are many leaks in the private sphere, at the end I cannot avoid seeing what others do and what their friends do.
The Dutch family is small , a large portion is concentrated there in Bolivia , and some more are scattered around the world, it is not a rare situation when someone comes from countries that are developing . I have close friends here in Holland, a couple of friends from school years in Bolivia and a few of them in other countries in Europe.
At first I did not pay much attention to the differences between my contacts , but lately it’s very interesting to see their behavior, with a click one can see what your friends love and what their friends of your friends like, so does with the friends of the family , many details a lot of information and a lot of fabric to be cut, it would be interesting to see an anthropologist doing some analysis about it .
Here some cut pieces :
– One of the biggest differences I found is that there we talk about the family and here the individual weighs heavily.
– There, all are Catholics and believers here, all are atheists or agnostics, must be because here all the basic needs and other no to basic have been satisfied there, we still have a total lack, therefore we must commend ourselves and pray a lot.
– Something also to differentiate is: there, we deal a lot with the food, what someone ate, what someone will eat at dinner or on the weekend here, it does not matter at all, except for a couple of Japanese friends who are constantly photographing their plates on the table .
– Football is very important over there, favorite topic earlier on the week here, still having one of the best teams of the world, never comes to light as the subject of facebook.
– The sacred images, prayers to the saints, requests to save someone ‘s misfortune, letters that offer you will reach your goals if you send the same mail 1000 times to others, are posted over there every day. Here networking, speaking only about labor relations, economic development and opportunities. God is gone.
– The use of facebook to show some professional work or intellectual advances is scarce over there , here is a constant bombardment of posts with all sorts of topics, and if you have colleagues as friends , you’re lost in time because becomes unbearable.
– Finally I would like to emphasize that over there is more awareness of the generals problems such as climate change, poverty, sustainable development, etc., etc. Here I have not seen much people talking about those problems and when  they do, for example about sustainability, it is reduced to a purely technological field and not as social sustainability.
To tell you the truth I did not come to any conclusions about my observations , I have nothing finished , what I do know is that I’m a little jealous of the simplicity of daily living, family grouped, about the idea that:



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