A couple of months ago I got a Tablet, for many a very useful gadget for making notes, schedules, sketches, and of course reading news, books, watching films and playing. I’m not so fun of new technologies, but in order to be updated I got it, still it didn’t help to much on my daily habits. It didn’t seduce me to get other toys, yet I have my old Nokia to make calls, anyway, I have my toy.

In the beginning I was very enthusiastic about it, I downloaded an app to sketch, and some other apps., such as Google maps, train schedules and others. It is about half a year that I have it, I didn’t download e-books, I still buy them printed in my favorite bookstore, where I can also have a coffee and scrutinize new titles. Scarcely, I’m using the tablet just for e-mails, I couldn’t make any sketch at all. I do not know if you can call this progress or if, somehow, it is a setback, a trivialization and a scattering of life.

I’m back to my normal sketch pads, where I take some notes, where I feel a deeper and pleasant relation with what I’m doing, enjoying not just the outcomes but also the process that it takes, knowing the insides of it. I have a sort of manual intelligence, I understand how things function when I’m involve from their inside with the subject.

For me drawing is learning to look at, is to train the links between our pupil with our brains and with our hand, the drawing is the handling of tools such as a pen or a pencil, when I’m drawing I have to be alert of the subtle oscillations of the paper’s materiality, its softness or its texture which asks for different approaches.

The inspiration springs out from the challenge of the paper, which has at the same time limits and possibilities. A paper that is being filled in an organic way, slowly and with lots of branches, like when we watch a film of a growing plant with a fast motion. Here the hand is talking, not automatic mechanisms.

The sketch books belong to the world of senses, the world of Juhani Pallasmaa’s  “eyes of the skin”, obsolete world for someone’s, where we touch and smell  the paper, the pencil, the watercolors.

The drawings at one level are use as a means of explaining something that is not available for inspection, it translates observation patterns, which are not related to the real world, but to the rectangle of the drawing.  The drawing is a laboratory of ideas, the first expression, working with one foot in the details of the drawing itself  and on the other in a kind of open urban field translated into lines and stains,

The drawings make clients to be closed, is an intimate contact with the work, is always the beginning of a process, it challenges to react about it, it is not a final product. Has the peculiarity of belonging, because it is an idea with details that could only be defended  and guide trough their complex process of construction  by the person who did it, because it is personal, it talks a personal language.


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